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How Acupressure Can Help You Stop Snoring

Published in Acupressure
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Acupressure is an alternative medicine which has been used for hundreds of years to provide healing and pain relief to people all around the world.  People in the Western world are still trying to understand why alternative medicines such as acupressure work.  The stats and scientific proof are starting to add up and medical practitioners are now suggesting to patients the benefits of trying alternative medicines for many ailments.

Acupressure is based on the theory that energy runs through our body along pathways called meridians.  According to Chinese philosophy the body contains two opposing forces, yin and yang. When these are in balance the body is healthy, but where there is a block in the flow of energy ('chi' as its also known) we can suffer discomfort or even disease.  One way to release this blocked energy,  is by applying pressure to specific points along these meridians.  The points which are targeted for specific ailments are called acupoints. 

Meridians form a complex, multilevel network which connects various areas of the body.  All of these meridian systems work together to assure the flow and distribution of energy throughout the body, which in turn helps to controls all of our bodily functions making us healthy.

Chinese meridians


Image source:





There is proof that these meridian pathways exist thanks to advancement in technology and studies into Traditional Chinese Medicine. Scientists have managed to photograph (see below) these meridians using moxibustion and infrared thermography.  To read more about the scientific proof of meridians follow the article below:

stereomicroscopic image of meridians


Scientific breakthrough which proves why acupuncture and acupressure worksScientific breakthrough which proves why acupuncture and acupressure works



When an organ is not balanced, an acupoint on the skin can be stimulated through pressure, suction, heat, or needle insertion.  There are 364 acupoints points throughout the bodies meridians. 


Our snoring ring has has two lumps on either side (see image left) which apply pressure to two acupoints:  SI2 (Small intestine 2) & HT9 (Heart Meridian 9) to enable a better flow of energy to these parts of the body.

We know our snoring ring works because of the many happy emails and reviews we have had over the years.  Everyday people are waking up from a refreshing 'snoreless' nights sleep thanks to wearing our anti snoring ring.

To find out if using our snoring ring will help you or your partner to stop snoring, the best way is to try it.  We offer a Money back Guarentee,  so if it doesn't work for you, you can send it back. 

Directions of use

We recommend you try the ring for a good two weeks on the recommended finger: Men should ware it on the right little finger, women on the left little finger. However if you have tried this without much success, then try swapping fingers.


The ring should be worn only when you sleep and placed on your finger in the correct position  (see image left) at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

Heavy snorers can get double the benefit from wearing two rings, one on each little finger. 

The snoring ring is not suitable for pregnant women of people who suffer from apnea.

General advice on snoring

Sometimes the position you sleep can have an effect on snoring.  Try sleeping on your side with your head slightly higher than your body

Drinking too much alcohol before bedtime is a very common culprit, and especially red wine. Try drinking in moderation, perhaps just at the weekends or every other weekend.  You might be surprised at the difference it makes.

If you have tried the normal life style changes and sleep postions and you are still snoring, why not give our snoring ring a try. We offer a money back guarantee so it is a risk free purchase.  You have nothing to lose except the terrible sound of SNORING....

Click here to buy in GBP £35.00     -  Click here to buy in USD $59.99 Click here to buy in USD $59.99


Still not convinced?  Please have a read through our many legitimate testimonials on our testimonial page.

We have also approached many bloggers who had been suffering from a snoring partner and they wrote us the following reviews






Read 1813 times Last modified on Thursday, 30 October 2014 12:34

Customer Testimonials

My name is Chris Peacher, I purchased a goodnight ring from you at the ideal home earlier this year. You said it would help alleviate my snoring and may help with my sleep apnea. I used the goodnight ring that same night and my wife was amazed with the results. I have waited this long to write to you as we wanted to make sure this was not a short term effect. It has now been some months since we purchased the ring and we have not only got 1 more for me but 2 for my wife (as she is starting to suffer with her sleep as well due to illness) and the results are astounding. I have had treatment for my sleep apnea at Papworth hospital (with a small improvement) over 20 years ago, and we were so impressed with the sleep ring I have informed the hospital of my results and hope they will now trial these rings as an aide to re-leave snoring and sleep apnea. Thank you from my wife and me, for the first time in years we are both benefiting from your good night ring. Yours really happy Chris and Linda Peacher

— Chris and Linda Peacher

I’ve been buying Mandibular Advancement Devices for many years and my latest one collapsed a few weeks ago. Whilst I was contemplating spending up to or more than £100 my wife went to the Ideal Home Exhibition and was persuaded that the A-S Ring is a good thing. She came home and met my scepticism, but for £30 I thought it worth a try so bought one from Boots It is with utter astonishment that I found, and am delighted to report, that it is unbelievably successful. I’m at a loss to understand how or why it is so much better than a MAD, but it is – and is so much less obtrusive or intrusive. Many thanks for an excellent product.

— Rod Brassington

If only the Good Night ring had been around years ago what a difference it would have made to my life

— Mr B. B.

I’ve tried everything over the years, I stop but then I start again but not with the Good Night Ring

— Mr Smith

It’s amazing I don’t know how it works but it does. I’d recommend it to anyone

— Mr Cooke

I got one of your rings for my husband, it worked so well I got one for my sister

— Mrs Russell

It worked straight away, I was so quiet my wife thought I’d died

— Mr R.C.

Best investment I ever made, saved my job and my marriage

— Mr T., Denver, CO.

it really made a difference - I can't believe it - we couldn't sleep together because of my husband's snoring and now we can - amazing!

— Mrs D Brady, New York

Honestly, I did not believe this product would stop me snoring, but it did

— Mr Richards, Phoenix, AZ.
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